Upcoming Events 2019

12-16 August GAW Gotlands Artweek
You can come and test play the Japanese traditional game, ogoola karuta at the former old Visby Train station called Blå station at Söderväg 3A in Visby.

Passed Events
28      April     Sakura Matsuri/ Körsbärsblommansdag in     Stockholms Kungsträdgården

13-14 April    Gotlands Bokmässa in Visby

 25-28 Oct SPIEL'18 Essen Germany Exhibtion at the world's biggest boardgame fair. 

19-21 Oct WisCon in Visby 

20-24 August Gotland ARTWEEK on Gotland  

29 April 15:00-18:00 Ogooka karuta event in Cologne. We will inform you the place later. 
It will be somewhere in the center of Cologne city.
28 April 19:00-21:00 Hanakin in Cologne. We will introduce Ogoola Karuta at the Hanakin at the Ehrenfeld Pub Likum when the Hanakin group meets every month.
21 April 12:00-17:00 Cherry Blossom Japanese Festival/Sakura Matsuri at Kungsträdgården 
in Stockholm. Ogoola Karuta will exhibit at the festival and everyone is welcome to 
testplay or challenge each other or challenge us for a match! If you can win against us, 
you will win a prize!
18 april 13:00-15:00 Introduction of Ogoola Karuta at ABF in Visby. Testplay and explanation of the game and about the poetry cirkel.
 7&8 april 11:00-16:00 Gotlands Bokmässa!Try out Ogoola Karuta at the Almedalsbiblioteket 
library at the book fair 2018. We will be at the Talboksavdelning-
to the right, right after the steps to the second floor from the café.
 28 March 18:00-20:00 Poetry Game Evening at the Almedalsbiblioteket.
10 March 15:00-18:00 Ogoola Karuta Testplay with Östans Skuggor at 
Fenix Ungkulturhus  Norra Hansegatan 6b, 62139 Visby