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English Karuta

Karuta is a an ancient Japanese poetry card game. It's about listening and being fast. A reader reads a poetry quote aloud and the players search and grab the matching card being read. Be the first to take the card to win. Karuta became popular internationally through the anime Chihayafuru and it is still growing globally.

The Hyakuninisshu English translated karuta is a translation of the original Japanese poems used in karuta. The translation follows the Japanese waka poetry rule of 57577 syllables so you can sing the poems in the same melody as the original poems. Free reader app: Hyakuninisshu EN and readings available on spotify too (search Hyakuninisshu English Karuta).

The English Karuta (Ogoola Karuta) uses English, American, Irish and Scottish poetry quotes. A selection of 100 poems by 100 poets. Free reader app: Android- Karuta English Ogoola, iOS - Ogoola Karuta EN100