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Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta Part 1 (cards 1-50)

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English Hyakuninisshu Karuta!
You can play like Chihayafuru!

This game includes card no. 1-50 (Part 1). It is the first half of the 100 cards. This Karuta (poetry card game) uses the original Japanese poems from Ogura Hyakuninisshu translated into English "wakas" (follows strictly the 5+7+5; 7+7 syllables) so that you can read/sing them exactly like the original Japanese poems with its unique melody.

All cards have both the Japanese original poem with a unique illustration or text, from the original karuta from Shogundo plus the English translation (by Clay MacCauley 1917) on the back of the cards. 70x 100 mm cards. Box: 120x170x45 mm Net 322g.

Review from Japan Center Michigan State University 2020-03-09
“…really appreciated how you used the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable translations, and the reading app made it feel just as real to us as the “traditional” version of the game.”

Karuta is sometimes described as intellectual martial arts. It is about listening and being extremely focused and fast, just like the Samurai with their swords. Only here you fight with cards instead. To begin, a reader is chosen or a reader app will be used to read the poems on the reading cards aloud. Players listen and search for the playing card with the second part of that poem being read aloud. Be the first to get the matching cards to win.

Tip: Download the free iOS audio reader app (companion app for this game). You can use the reader app for practicing and also when you are only two persons and you need a reader. We have two reader apps. 1. Hyakuninisshu EN : This reader app sings the poems exactly like the Japanese wakas (original poems) are sung since 400 years. 2. Read Hyakunin Isshu EN: This reader app is read normally. It is easier to understand when it is read normally but the app which is sung sounds more genuine like the original Japanese poems.

The Android app is still under construction due to the new regulations made by Google last November.

Meanwhile, for those who have an android device or a PC, you can play the readings on spotify. Search Hyakuninisshu English Karuta by Aya Feurst on spotify. You can also download the audio recordings of the Hyakuninisshu English translation from our homepage ( for free. Please go to Media/Download/English on our homepage if you are interested. You can listen to the original song of the wakas and the readings in English. Download an audio player for example the VLC player to make your own playlist. Good Luck!

If you want to hear the original Japanese poems read with its unique melody, download the Japanese Hyakuninisshu app from Shogundo百人一首 かるた 読上アプリ「将軍堂」. This app is for Android only, which is a companion app to the original karuta in Japanese. The poems are read by Shogundo in Kyoto Japan.This app is in Japanese.

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