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Hyakuninisshu Rōmaji Karuta Yomifuda

Japanese transliterated to the Roman alphabet. Reading cards (Yomifuda) only. Card 1-100
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Hyakuninisshu Rōmaji Karuta
Yomifuda: 100 Reading Cards

The ultimate karuta for people who want to play karuta in Japanese but can not read Japanese characters. With these cards, you can play competitive (kyogi) karuta like Chihaya, or prepare for participating in karuta tournaments.

Rōmaji is the romanization of the Japanese written language. It is the transliteration of Japanese terms to the Roman text or other languages that use the Roman alphabet. There are different romanization systems of the Japanese language. This Rōmaji karuta uses the Hepburn system.

This is the first Rōmaji Hyakuninisshu Karuta cards in the world, using the roman alphabet to write the original Japanese Ogura Hyakuninisshu. Now you can finally read the Hyakuninisshu poems without having to learn the Japanese characters. This means that you can listen, read and play in Japanese keeping the original meter and rhythm, like the Japanese have done for 400 years.

Each reading card has the original Japanese Hyakuninisshu poem and illustration from Shogundo printed on one side and the same poem written in Rōmaji on the other side.

This karuta uses the 100 original Japanese poems used for competitive karuta (Ogura Hyakuninisshu). Written from 7th until the 13th century, selected by Fujiwara no Sadaie-Teika (1235), transliterated by Olayaselection (2020).

Contents: 100 Reading Cards (Yomifuda)

Recommended reader app: Wasuramoti (Android)

Product of Japan © 将軍堂Shogundo and © 2022 Olayaselection

ISBN 978-91-986375-4-0 Sweden

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