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Ogoola Karuta Chinese

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Ogoola Karuta Chinese
Chinese Classic Poems (cards 1-40)
This is the world's first KARUTA using famous classical Chinese poems! You can play like Chihayafuru using Chinese poems. This version uses 40 famous Chinese poems and we aim to select 60 more in the coming years.
There are 40 reading cards and 40 playing cards packed in a box.
This first version uses poets such as 李白 杜甫 白居易 王维 and many more.
Editor in Chief: Haiyan Yan Eriksson

For people who never played karuta before: Karuta is a game about listening and being fast. A reader reads a reading card aloud and the players search, find and grab the correct matching playing card as fast as he/she could. You need to focus and listen and be faster than your opponents to take the correct playing card to win. It is a traditional Japanese New Year's game that became very popular again through the manga and anime Chihayafuru. There are over one million karuta club members in Japan today who compete in the competitive karuta sport.

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