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Ogoola Karuta, English MODERN

50 Modern poems 1828-2015 with poetry book
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Ogoola Karuta Poetry Game
ENGLISH MODERN (cards 51-100):
This edition uses 50 modern poems written in English from the 19th century until today. Examples of poets included in this edition are Dickinson,Tennyson, Whitman, Yeats, Joyce, Plath, Pound, Frost, Eliot, Heaney, Merwin and many more. Contains 50 reading cards, 50 playing cards and a poetry book (instructions, rules, history and the 50 poetry quotes in its original form). Editor in Chief: Christopher Matthews, Aya Feurst Hasegawa

Karuta is a game about listening and finding FAST what you are listening to in the cards you will pick. To begin, a reader is chosen or a reader app will be used to read the poetry quotes on the reading cards aloud. Players listen and search for the playing card with the second part of the quote being read aloud.Grab the correct cards FAST before the others do in order to win! Known as an intellectual martial arts game in Japan. The cards have famous poetry quotes on them but no prior knowledge is needed!

This edition is not a translation of the original Japanese Hyakuninisshu poems. However, the original Japanese cards from Shogundo are printed on the backside as a design so you can play the game in Japanese if you can read and understand Japanese.

Tip: Download the free reader app available on Apple App Store

Enjoy listening to the reader Myrra Malmberg. The poems on the reading cards are read by actress and singer Myrra Malmberg.This app serves as the reader when you want to practice or when everybody wants to play. Especially if you are only two persons, this app will allow both persons to play the game. The iOS app is free!
iOS app: Ogoola Karuta EN 100
Android: Karuta English Ogoola : this app is under construction for updates. Meanwhile, you can use the recordings on Spotify or send us an email for the audio recordings. We can send you the audio files via email.

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