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Original Japanese Karuta Shogundo Complete

Both Playing cards and Reading cards (2x100)
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This is the original Japanese Hyakuninisshu karuta made by Shogundo.

Perfect to use for practice. Can be used for competitive karuta training and for fun with friends and family. Also for people who are learning Japanese, its a way to get used to reading and listening to hiragana.

The Playing/Grabbing cards (torifuda) use only the hiragana writings. The Reading cards (yomifuda) uses both hiragana and kanji writings.

You can use the Wasuramochi reader app if you need a reader. The Shogundo reader app is available on android devices. Send us an email for a promo code.

Shogundo is a traditional karuta maker situated in Kyoto, Japan. They have been making karuta for generations. Today, they make both karuta made by machines and traditional hand-made karuta. We sell on our karuta online shop the machine made karuta from Shogundo. If you are interested in the hand-made karuta, please contact us via email: info@ogoola.se

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