Ogoola Karuta ist in Schweden (Gotland) von Aya und Ola Feurst und Olayalselection entwickelt und produziert worden.

Europa, USA und Südafrika

Aya und Ola Feurst
ファースト彩 とファースト・オラ

E-mail: info[at]ogoola.se
Telefon: +46 (0) 498-21 58 10
Adresse: Visby, Schweden

Vertreter in Japan

Toru Hasegawa

E-mail: info[at]ogoola.se
Adresse: Hamamatsu, Japan


Kyogi Karuta Clubs around the world.

We are a supporting member of the
All Japan Karuta Association.

The Karuta Club München introduces the karuta clubs in the world on their website. Therefore, if you are interested in playing karuta the competitive way in Japanese, you can check here if there is a karuta club you can join near you. The website of Karuta France is not in use but you can check them out on Instagram  and Facebook. There are also karuta clubs in cities such as Brest, Lyon, Aix, Belfort in France other than in Paris. Hungary and Russia also have a kyogi karuta club. The club in Budapest is called Verseny-Karuta club, in St. Petersburg is called Asa no Tsuyu and the club in Moscow is called Moscow karuta club. And Karuta club Monterrey in Mexico too!