Links to YouTube:

Original Karuta and Kyogi Karuta

Below are videos where japanese people play the original Karuta game

How to play

Below is a video clip of how Swedish people play the Swedish Ogoola Karuta with Swedish poems and some videos with examples how to play with friends (swedish Ogoola)

Ogoola Karuta played in English

Below are video clips of Ogoola Karuta played in English with poems written in English.


Ogoola Karuta French

Here are video clips of students playing the Ogoola Karuta French with poems written by famous classical French poets.

Schools in Sweden

Below are video clips of international students playing the poetry game at SFI (Swedish for immigrants) in Swedish, 7th to 9th graders playing the Swedish Ogoola Karuta at the Forsheda junior high school and Atheneskolan junior high school in Sweden during their language arts class.


Ogoola Karuta in German

Below are video clips of Ogoola Karuta in German played in Germany and Japan. The German version uses German poems in the original German language.


Karuta 52

Here we are playing Karuta 52 with normal playing cards to understand the principle of how to play karuta.

Ogoola Karuta and us

A short introduction of us and Ogoola Karuta.