Welcome to the Ogoola Karuta Homepage

We specialize in making karutas in different languages since 2009.

You can play karuta like Chihayafuru with our Ogoola English Karuta or the Hyakuninisshu English Karuta.

Ogoola Karuta is an English version of the game karuta. The rules are based on the ancient Japanese poetry card game called karuta. This karuta uses famous quotations of classical and modern poems written in English. For the first time in history, you can play karuta with English, American, Irish and Scottish poems.

Karuta is over 400 years old in Japan. Today, there are over one million karuta players competing in clubs and the National championship is held every year in January. Due to the manga and anime Chihayafuru, karuta has become known worldwide.

Karuta is about listening and being FAST. You need one person to be the reader and a tleast two players to compete. A reader reads a poem or a poetry quote aloud. The players search and grab the matching playing card being read. Grab the right card first to win!

A free reader app is available in both Android and iOS devices. A reader app can act as the reader if everyone wants to play or you are only two persons. The poetry readings are also on Spotify so you can find the readings in the albums Ogoola Karuta English Classics and Modern on Spotify.

In addition to the Ogoola Karuta we offer the Hyakuninisshu English translated Karuta. This karuta is an English translated karuta of the original Ogura Hyakunin-isshu. Ogura Hyakunin-isshu is the anthology of the one hundred classical Japanese poems (waka) written by one hundred poets which is used in this game.

This is the karuta that Chihayafuru plays with. This karuta features the original Japanese karuta from Shogundo on one side, and the English translations on the other side. The English translation is translated by Clay MacCauley. He follows the the original 575-77 syllables of the Waka form. Therefore you can sing the poems in the original melody and rhythm as sung in the karuta tournaments in Japan.

Experience Japanese culture and the world of poetry through karuta! Fun and laughter is guaranteed!

Click below and listen to the Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta, using the original Makurakotoba, Chihayaburu.