Get Started

Two teams facing each other, split evenly the playing cards #1-12. Put them on your side, text up. The reader (or app) shuffles and reads reading cards #1-12. The team that first picks up the matching card lays it aside. You can take from both sides: If you pick a card on the opponent’s side, give one of the cards from your side to your opponent. You may rearrange the cards on your own side. The first team to get rid of all the cards on their own side is the winner. Reader app available.


Penalty and disputes

  1.  l If you touch a wrong card, your opponent hands over one of their cards. Place it wherever you like on your side.
  2. If both teams touch a wrong card at the same time: put back the cards and continue.
  3. If both teams touch the correct card at the same time, it is taken by the team whose territory it is in.
  4. There is no penalty for touching wrong cards while at the same moment (same hand!) taking the correct card.
  5. If the players disagree: Don’t discuss, just do the Jan-ken-pon (Rock-paper-scissors in English).