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SvD (The Swedish News Paper): Article on Ogoola Karuta from December 9th, 2012 

A detailed and professional Product Review by David Hurley in Japan. Teacher of English language at the Hiroshima college and community center.

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Above is a review from the major Swedish news paper SvD.

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“Thank you very much for the personalized note in my order! It was very interesting to read and I look forward to following it’s advice on how to play Karuta. The card set itself is absolutely beautiful and I will treasure it always. Very much appreciated.

(Laura Reimer, Saskatchewan, Canada) 


“I didn’t expect a game including poems to be this action filled but it truly does bring out your inner competitor! It doesn’t matter if you know the poems from before.”

(Charlotte, Stockholm, Sweden)


“Thank you very much for keeping me informed! It really shows that you care for both your customers and Karuta.”

(Tiffany WA, US)


“It’s a great game and I recommend everyone with an interest in poetry buy a deck!” 

(Sapiens2667, 04/24/2019)


“Thank you, what a great after service!”

(Hilary, London, UK)


“Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!”

(Erik Johnson Los Angeles, California)


“Product quality is top notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can´t recommend them enough.”

(Amanda Mitchell, Lincoln, Virginia)


”I actually had to order this from overseas as UK shops don´t seem to stock anything similar. Shipping was surprisingly fast and affordable.

(John Doe, London UK)


”Det kändes först som mycket regler men efter att första två korten lästs upp kändes det som man hade stenkoll och ville bara fortsätta spela. Fantastiskt kul!”

(Anna Maria, Stockholm, Sweden)


“Awesome, thanks for the update! I appreciate you sending this set of poetry cards so promptly. My nephew just returned from Japan and I know he will enjoy using them and playing the game.”

(Lee Dayton, Ohio, US)

“My students really appreciated how you used the 5-7-5-7-7 syllable translations, and the reading app made it feel just as real to them as the “traditional” version of the game.”

(Patrick Mercer, Japan Center Michigan University, US)


“Playing the English poetry version of Ogoola Karuta is a great way for English speakers to enjoy a taste of Japanese culture, and a fun way for students of English language and literature to become familiar with some of the great poets of the English language.”

(David Hurley, English teacher in Japan)


 “Dear Aya-san,

Thanks for double-checking with me about the order. I appreciate your email that drew my attention to the crucial details. This purchase is for my students to learn the basics of the Japanese Hyakuninisshu poems.”

(Kyoko Omori, Japanese teacher in NY, US)


 “Hi Aya, thank you for your help organizing this purchase. In the end I have decided to order the Hyakuninisshu English Translated Karuta for our customer and a couple for stock to see what the response from our customers is. Thank you!”

(Sally Burton, Asia Bookroom, Macquarie, Australia)

“World´s Leading Karuta Producer outside of Japan!”

(Ola, Sweden)

”Äntligen utdelning för det där diktreciterandet med mormor! Spelet bygger på Japans äldsta diktspel – en uppläsare skaldar den första strofen i en dikt och spelarna tävlar om att snabbast hitta kortet som innehåller fortsättningen. Kultur-tantigt och allmänbildande, dock kan man tycka att 50 dikter är lite i underkant. Och att urvalet skulle kunna vara mer samtida (tänk: ”kända låttexter”) plus innehålla fler än åtta kvinnliga poeter.”

(Erika Hallhagen, SVD, Stockholm, Sweden)

“Thank you Aya-san. I have a regular Japanese hyakunin isshu that upper -level students can play, but with this (Hyakuninisshu EnglishTranslated Karuta) students in Japanese literature of the translation course can also experience Hyakuninisshu! I am happy to find the cards with English translation. Thank you.”

(Mari Nagase, Japanese teacher in US)